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Mrs. Kathryn Veal is CEO and the Head Instructor of  Kathryn's Music Academy.  Kathryn's Music Academy is a musical institution that offers music lessons, technic, theory, sight reading and vocal instruction to children and adults. The vision at Kathryn's Music Academy is to create a peaceful and diverse environment; to provide a positive atmosphere wherein we develop and enrich natural musical talent.


Mrs. Veal, founder of Kathryn's Music Academy has studied Music Theory at Berklee College of Music and Lamar University for Child/Care Development. She has played the piano, organ, and keyboard for 57 years and has taught music for the last 17 years. She has taught in Beaumont Independent School District for the Adult Piano Course for 4 and a half years at Vincent Middle School. Throughout the academy she shares her passion for music with others, in hopes that it will have as positive an influence on them as it has had on her. Mrs. Veal also have a special gift for teaching individuals with special needs. She has played for many great venues including the Julie Rogers Theater, many many concerts and musicals. She also has played for several churches in Houston, Maryland, and Beaumont. Mrs. Veal has co-produced and arranged several CD's with other professional artists, choirs and different singing groups. She has produced and recorded her very own C.D. entitled "Birthing Place" in 2008. Mrs. Veal has been on the stage behind World Renown speakers such as Dr. Cindy Trimm and Benny Hinn. She also made guest appearances on many television programs. Along with her many accomplishments, she has also played for her church for 25 years, raising up a highly anointed Praise Team as well as three choirs over those years.


Music has been called the "universal language." It trancends time, race, ethnicity, gender, and age. It can inspire, motivate, excite, and calm; it can make you happy or it can make you sad. Kathryn's Music Academy reaches out to anyone who has a passion to learn music, and it provides a place for training, nurturing and developing musical skills and talents. Research shows that children who take music excel in science, math, and reading and have higher test scores. Our students get a chance to make their musical dreams come true by performing at several recitals throughout the Golden Triangle area. The Academy has performed center court at Parkdale Mall, Atria Collier Assisted Living Facility and at the Beaumont Community Players all located in Beaumont, Texas. We are currently serving the Golden Triangle area including Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, hoping to expand our horizons nationwide.


Mr. Larnell Veal is instrumental to Kathryn's Music Academy as the Marketing Research Director. Mr Veal has a passion for the Arts and strives to bring academics to every student, so that they may achieve their fullest potential. Mr. Veal is constantly searching for the lastest tools for the Academy to continue to enrich and equip every student that comes through the doors. Mr Veal strongly believes that music is used as a means of expression. According to recent studies, creativity and participation in the arts and music,  help to keep the students active and healthy on mental, physical, and social levels. Children with intellectual and developmental disabilties that are taught basic academic skills through music are consistently able to learn more easily. Music helps in teaching them perceptual skills and can elicit responses from children who are normally withdrawn and hard to reach.  Mr. Veal's expertise enables him to challenge the students to acheive  and expand their horizons.


"The vision at Kathryn's Music Academy is to create a peaceful and diverse environment; to provide a positive atmosphere  wherein we develop and enrich natural musical talent."

Music is a universal language.

Join us for musical fun.

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